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Cattle Health Management

Transform Your Labor Efficiency and Cut Mortality

Inner ear canal temperature and activity tracking 24/7 to augment pen riders in finding animals the moment they show patterns of illness and treat them as soon as possible.

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The SenseHub® Feedlot
Solution Is Simple

1. Tag Animal

Apply electronic ear tag to every animal upon arrival

2. Pull List

Based on outlier data, caregivers receive daily pull lists on mobile device and/or computer

3. Remove For Diagnosis

Identified animals can be quickly removed for diagnosis and appropriate treatment

Research Proven Results

Comparison of SenseHub Feedlot® versus conventional human pen-rider methods in a U.S. feedlot: An interim report. 2021. Data on file.

Crossbred Heifers

Days On Feed


Heifers Per Pen

60-Day Health Outcomes Among Auction-Derived Beef/Beef-Cross Heifers

Parameter SenseHub® Feedlot Pen Rider Observation
Arrival Weight (lbs) 569.5 564.9
BRD Morbidity (%) 38.2 31.4
BRD Mortality (%) 2.8 4.7

Average Number Of Pens Entered To Monitor Cattle Health:

Pen Rider Observation SenseHub® Feedlot Results
18 vs. 5.3 = 71%
Pens/Day vs. Pens/Day = Reduction

I truly believe this system is the way of the future.

Tadd Thomas

Advantage Feedyard, 30,000 Head

Early Detection & Treatment Can Equate To Better Outcomes

When noticing signs of disease using traditional visual assessment, the animal is likely already a couple of days into the disease process. In the case of BRD, earlier detection and intervention can result in:

Greater Chance Of Successful Treatment
Better Long-Term
Health Outcomes
Fewer Repulls
& Retreats
Optimized Animal &
Pen Rider Performance
Less Chance Of
Lung Damage
Higher Profit
Noninvasive, One-Day Installation
Lightweight Infrastructure
Integrates With Existing Processes & Major Software Providers
Short Learning Curve
Simple-To-Use Daily Pull List: Mobile-Friendly Interface
Customizable Alerts & On-Demand Reports
Scalable As Operation Needs Expand
Accessible From Anywhere By Any Team Member, Including Veterinarians & Nutritionists
Technical Support & Training For Best Results

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